You love your little snuggle bug but the sleepless nights are leaving you feeling exhausted and frustrated.

It’s time to start getting serious about sleep during this crucial time in your child’s development.

With live support, expert guidance and a gentle, developmentally appropriate approach, we will get your little one’ sleep back on track.

This means more sleep for the entire family, allowing everyone to wake up bright eyed and ready for the day.

Whether you are breast feeding, continuing night feeds, room sharing, co-sleeping, or working full time, a good night’s sleep is possible without sacrificing your values and goals.

How can we get you ALL sleeping better?

VIP Baby Sleep Package

Ages 4.5 months -12 months


  • In-depth assessment: We assess your child’s sleep environment, feeding schedule, developmental stage, bedtime routine as well as your family’s values and goals. Value $150
  • Nursery assessment checklist: This checklist helps you create and optimal environment to support your little one’s sleep. Value $50
  • Two-hour phone consultation: We fully discuss every aspect of your situation, your child and your goals, via phone or Skype. Value $300
  • Step-by-step plan of action: We create a customized sleep plan and daily rhythm based on your family’s needs, values and goals. Value $125
  • Live support: Frequent phone calls totaling 1 hour of live coaching. Scheduled at your convenience and to be used during the 2 week coaching period. These calls provide support and an opportunity to adjust the sleep plan as needed to ensure the best pace and methodology for your baby. Value $175
  • Daily check in – We will check in daily, via Voxer, to support you in between our live coaching calls. You can ask questions and receive sleep tips. This method increases accountability and success. Value $325

Total Value $1,125
Actual Price  $497

(Payment plan available)

How much are peaceful and restful nights worth to you and your family?

Take a moment and think about what life would be like if you overcame your baby’s sleep challenges

You would:

  • get long stretches of sleep your body is craving.
  • spend quality time with your partner to reconnect.
  • be less stressed and more empowered with the guesswork gone.
  • find time in the evening to relax and pamper yourself.
  • have more patience and joy in your interactions.
  • feel less sluggish and more energetic.
  • have a well-rested and happy baby.

Sounds like a dream?

Let’s make it come true!

This can your new reality when you invest in yourself and your child for only $497.

Get started today by booking you complimentary discovery consultation.