Not all babies are born great sleepers.

We’ll help you create healthy sleep habits from the very beginning so you can prevent sleep challenges before they start.

The newborn period is a sensitive developmental period.

It’s vital to respond to your newborn’s needs, develop a secure attachment and get the rest everyone needs.

Learn how sleep and development are intertwined and start laying the foundations of good night’s sleep with gentle routines that respect your infant’s needs and mental health.

VIP Newborn Clarity Package

Expecting parents and infants up to 4 months old


  • 90 minute phone consultation: We assess your family’s situation, discuss the basics of infant sleep  and developmental leaps and review how to establish daily rhythms that support healthy sleep habits, via phone or Skype. Value $300
  • Nursery assessment checklist: This checklist helps you create and optimal environment to support your little one’s sleep. Value $50
  • Detailed sleep shaping plan: This plan includes month-by-month sleep and developmental expectations as well as gentle routines to lay the foundations of good sleep. Value $125
  • Follow up support – One week of follow up support via Voxer, to ask questions and get continued clarity around your newborn’s sleep. Value $175

Total Value $650
Actual Price $247